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Advanced Flooring Solutions

Taylor is a leading adhesives and coatings manufacturer for the floor covering industry. Offering unique, effective solutions, Taylor products can help keep your projects on time and budget. Taylor covers all your bases with its advanced adhesives, 1-part moisture mitigation systems and specialty products.

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More than
40 Years
With over 40 years of excellence, Taylor is constantly expanding its product platform and client base. Taylor’s solid reputation comes from its commitment to provide the best in technology and service.


Through its advanced product technology, Taylor is a trusted solution provider in the flooring market. Taylor targets the needs of the flooring industry by proactively developing advanced solutions to meet its client needs. Taylor’s Technology and Training Center boasts space for product testing and educational sessions for clients.

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Sustainability is a key focus for Taylor, and developing products that are safe for the environment has been at the core of product innovation from the beginning. Most of Taylor’s products, including its entire Signature Line is LEED contributing and has been certified by Greenguard and Floor Score. Through thoughtful engineering, Taylor strives to play a necessary role in green building projects and the health of our people and planet.



When partnering with Taylor, you receive more than just an advanced product but also an expert technology force and sales support. Taylor’s team of chemists, technicians, sales specialists and customer service representatives are available to provide full support in your next project, ensuring you get the most out of your Taylor experience.

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